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John Rahn, born and raised in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, has spent hundreds of hours every year in the woods and on the water. He began begging his father, at a young age, to let him skip school so they could spend the day hunting and fishing. This spawned his interesting in guiding and started an addiction that led to a career.


At the age of 10, John watched his father guide clients to black bears, eventually leading him to a more significant role in assisting with these guides. John always loved the atmosphere of bear camp, and the older he got the more interest he had for guiding on his own. A supportive family and flexible job allowed him to guide part time. In 2017, John expanded his guiding services to ice fishing. He obtained his captain's license in the summer of 2021 and offers charters on the Great Lakes along with chartering services on smaller inland lakes. John was able to quit his day job in August 2021 to guide full time. He and his family could not be happier with the decision.

Since childhood, John has been a very talented outdoorsman. He can be found on a boat with friends and family or in the woods guiding others. John loves adventure and exploring what the beautiful state of Michigan has to offer. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and love of the outdoors to clients for years to come.


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